Quick cash loans
Lenders who give micro loans a bad reputation

Don’t rush! Here is when it is best to take a quick payday loan

It is not easy to venture into this step. The very connotation of the word “credit” is not great, regardless of the terms you are offered. However, quick payday loans can certainly help and make some moments invaluable. It is important that you keep yourself well informed and know why you are taking it. Take […]

Quick cash loans

If you had the opportunity to achieve a long-standing dream, would you take a moment or allow someone or something to get in your way? When it comes to making our dreams come true, many people say that money is the biggest obstacle. We at Good Finance Money believe in empowering and encouraging individuals to […]

Lenders who give micro loans a bad reputation

I have always defended that there are micro loans on the market as I do not think the loan itself should be banned. Just because I myself think it is too expensive does not necessarily mean that others do too. But there are lenders that I don’t think have anything in the market to do. […]

How Not To Be Stressed About Money

Studies have been conducted over the years to examine the levels of stress and well-being in our lives. Participants consistently said that the main cause of stress in their lives was money. And you can probably guess that it’s not about the stress of having too much money. Business is ranked second as the second […]

How Much Money Is It Needed for Happiness

Whether we want to admit it or not, money affects our lives. How many times have it occurred to you that you felt unhappy and unloved and decided to cheer for a little thing or go on a trip? Do we really feel better about spending and is this the right way to go? How […]

How to budget and get your finances in order

Did you spend too much this summer? You’re not the only one. A 2015 survey by Experian Consumer Credit Agency found that 68% of people spend too much on vacation. In addition, 40% of people surveyed said they created credit card debt while on vacation, and 46% of those surveyed said they used a credit […]

How and when to give pocket money to your children

Pocket money is one of the first ways your child develops their relationship with money, learns the basics of managing finances, and begins to appreciate money. How much pocket money you have to give, when and why, these are all important questions to decide. Below we help you answer these questions. There are no rules […]

Sometimes you just get tired of the media when it comes to micro loans

I know I have been on this topic before on a number of occasions but I find it daunting how the media writes about micro loans. Further editorial at http://rnsquared.com/bad-credit-payday-loan-direct-lender-we-provide-direct-lender-loans/ The first thing I should make clear is that I have never taken a micro loan myself and I have no plans to do this […]

Loan to rent, what to do if I don’t have to rent

The price of housing is constantly increasing. Real estate prices are rising in large cities and in towns. More and more people are worried that they will find yourself on the street because they have no lease. Is there a solution to help everybody? Surveys display that the most vulnerable individuals are single mothers on […]